Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay...cuz I'm technologically challenged[ read barely above idiot when it comes to this stuff} I haven't figured out how to change the order of these postings ...so if ya wanna read about the motivation behind these cards , check out my last blog! Here's a few more cards! Michelle

Christmas cards

Okay ...well this one is just for you , Susie Q ! who asked me to blog my cards. These cards were ALL inspired by my Stampin' Up demonstrator, Kathy, who started a contest, "The 12 Weeks of Christmas" for her customers. Check her out at htpp://inkinbythebay.stampinup.net Please , Santa, let me win the gift basket heehee... actually that WOULD be nice but I'm just grateful to Kathy for motivating me to get my cards done....and yes, I followed her golden rule ," always make two of everything". As Kathy pointed out , it's just as easy to cut two of everything as one. Pretty well everything in these cards are Stampin' Up{ paper, ink and stamps} except for the snowman stamp[ Wallyworld last year and the Santa flying his sleigh which is from Muse}. Get crackin ' people ! Christmas is only 24 days away...holy crap! what am I doin' blogging??? I got work to do!!!! Thanks for stopping by!