Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Okay...cuz I'm technologically challenged[ read barely above idiot when it comes to this stuff} I haven't figured out how to change the order of these postings ...so if ya wanna read about the motivation behind these cards , check out my last blog! Here's a few more cards! Michelle

Christmas cards

Okay ...well this one is just for you , Susie Q ! who asked me to blog my cards. These cards were ALL inspired by my Stampin' Up demonstrator, Kathy, who started a contest, "The 12 Weeks of Christmas" for her customers. Check her out at htpp://inkinbythebay.stampinup.net Please , Santa, let me win the gift basket heehee... actually that WOULD be nice but I'm just grateful to Kathy for motivating me to get my cards done....and yes, I followed her golden rule ," always make two of everything". As Kathy pointed out , it's just as easy to cut two of everything as one. Pretty well everything in these cards are Stampin' Up{ paper, ink and stamps} except for the snowman stamp[ Wallyworld last year and the Santa flying his sleigh which is from Muse}. Get crackin ' people ! Christmas is only 24 days away...holy crap! what am I doin' blogging??? I got work to do!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Olympic Relay LO

See!!! told ya I'd get a LO finished by last night! Chelsea was really surprised when she got home from Port aux Basque at 11:30 pm!!! anywhooo...worked all day ...too tired to write anymore so just gonna post the pic...g'nite!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Olympic torch relay

Woo Hoo! Olympic torch passed thru here today...what a unique experience! Awesome to see such a big display of Canadian pride! Chelsea's choir .The Chorale, was the choir picked to sing at the ceremonies today and they are following the torch all the way to Port aux Basque...gonna be a late night for them!I'm just attaching a couple of pics from this afternoon...will have a LO done about it by midnight I figure haha....I'm not kidding , I have one started already!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where did October go????

Holy smokes! I can't believe its November already!I'm not a very consistent blogger now am I? Oct was VERY busy and chaotic for me. Trip to St.John, NB for national dialysis convention, work, trying to get some renos done around here ...not to mention getting ready for Halloween! I got a reputation to uphold! My kids said kids at school were asking why I never had my Haunted house done up yet? I seem to have done WAY TOO MUCH scrap shopping lately. Bought tonnes at MIchael's in NB [ what's a girl to do...don't have access to a Michael's here!] plus ordered a crapload of stuff from Scrapbook.com , not to mention shopping at my LSS. I did manage to get a few Lo's done tho.... I really like this one I did yesterday. I'm very attached to "old stuff" and I'm very covetous of my christening dress...I don't mind lending it out but it always comes back to me! I wasn't really sure what I wanted from this LO, and wasn't sure how to start so I basically picked a bunch of pink, white and black stuff and played till I was happy with it. I really love those cute little Jenni Bowlin bingo cards and altho it wasn't planned, I seemed to have ended up using alot of Heidi Swapp on this LO. Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweet 16!

Can't believe my little girl is sixteen already ! holy smokes ! Is time speeding up or what?? Did this LO last night in honor of her milestone. Been seeing alot of this color combo of tourquois and red lately and wanted to give it a try. Its a great color combo! Anybody else got any favorite color combos? I'm also partial to Blue/brown and pink/brown...you can never go wrong with those. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rebecca's Birthday Present

This is a cute banner I did for my liitle friend Rebeecca's birthday tomorrow. It's for her bedroom wall and I used the colors in her room. I cut the chipboard points from a pack of Colobok chipsheets. All papers were Little Yellow Bicycle except for the blue floral which is K and Co. The scallop across the top of each point is Martha Stewart punch....I think It's called lace doily.{ got it at Walmart}. butterfly punch is also Martha. Letters were cut with Storybook cartridge from cricut and decorated with a little pink cardstock and some bling.I haven't got a pic of it totally finished but I used eyelets on each and tied them together with a pink and green ribbon. { I'll try to get a pic tomorrow before I give it to her}. Hope she likes it...thanks for dropping by!

Butterflies and Bathing Beauties

Well...after my little hissie fit with my new Kodak printer {which God love Staples they replaced on the spot no questions asked} I finally got around to this little mini album that was my original project of that night...mind you, I didn't go about it the way I had planned. Go figure!!!! My ORIGINAL plan was to cut out a butterfly shape from chipboard with my Cricut... that just caused another machine SNAFU... btw did ya know it's hard on the Cricut blade to try and cut chipboard ??? Take my advice and invest in the deeper blade made for that purpose... anyhoo{ yes I know I have random thought patterns!} I stumbled across these cute little PRECUT chipboard albums at Michael's for only $1 !!! almost as good as hitting the easy button at Staples! The albums { I did one for the lady who hosted us too} came together in a snap. How do you guys adhere paper to your chipboard? I'm a fan of Modge Podge myself tho my friend Lisa uses her Zyron...lucky for her, she has a ginormous one where as I have a little one only suitable for making 1" stickers. I'd love to hear any suggestions for adhering!I used all 2x2 pics on this mini album. The paper is all DCWV Citrus collection ...made the embellies from same paper. Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sisters Lo and just some venting

OMG! why is it that whenever you wanna scrap, life gets in the way? I FINALLY sat down to get a few pages done last night when lo and behold my NEW Kodak printer broke AARRGGGG!!!! why Lord why?? This was after a two day marathon of house cleaning that just couldn't be ignored any longer...I was sorta turning a blind eye cuz as fast as I could clean, Rob was just makin' more mess with his renos...gyproc dust gets in the damndest places! I know...shut up complaining...at least my darling hubby does renovations...yah but I still gattoa clean up behind him. Any hooo.... I had intended to do this cute little mini book about our day at the Insectarium to visit the butterfly pavilion and then to a friend's for a swim... I was gonna call it Butterflies and Bathing Beauties...but between the printer dying and my Cricut not doing what I wanted.. I just gave up on the whole idea [for now]...somehow I ended up doing a LO on me and my two sissies...which had been in the back of my mind for a while anyways... I was pretty pleased with it. Funny how a day can end so differently than where you were aiming for! Oh well...
PS Does any body else spend way too much time looking at everyone else's work instead of just scrapping? I find I'm doing that ALOT lately...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Black and white

I really love black and white patterns...they're so crisp and clean. I got a pretty good stash of B/W patterned papers yet for some reason I never seem to use them!!! Truth be told I got a BIG stash of patterned paper that will probably never be used...oh well , what can I say ...it's an addiction. Think there's a meeting for paper addicts anywhere? " Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a paper whore [ or would that be hoarder?]" anyhoooo...thought I'd finally get around to trying an all white and black LO and the pic of Chelsea's hands on her piano keys seemed the perfect pic to use. I'm pleased with it... I showed you mine, now you show me yours!

a little about me

Hi ...wow..never thought I'd get into this blogging stuff but here I am! and believe it or not I'm SEVERELY techno challenged. Just wanted to start this blog so I could share scrapbooking stuff. I'm a total addict who NEEDS to do something scrapbook related everyday. Some days it might just be cruising others work for a new idea/inspiration but always something. This is a card I recently made using leftovers from my July Scrapbook Sussies kit...cute eh?
I'm sooooo excited cuz I recently got notification that a LO of mine will be published in the Winter 2009 edition of Canadian Scrapbooker! my first publish ! WOOHOO!