Tuesday, September 21, 2010

simple open face stamp flowers

I really like these little flowers that I used on both my Grandparents Lo and on the leftover cards that I made yesterday. They're super easy to make and I like them because they have a bit of a 3D effect to them yet aren't as bulky as some of the flowers we've all been making lately...speaking of bulky flowers, has anyone come up with a good way to store these LOs??? but I digress... These little guys are super easy to make! You'll need:
1}an open style flower design stamp{ mine is Autumn leaves brand but any open one will do}
2) ink of choice
3} emboss powder { I used clear as I wanted my brown ink to show}
4} heat gun
5} scissors, small hole punch, a bamboo skewer/sm paint brush
6} stickles in your choice of colour

Ok , stamp flower on scraps of pp in ink of choice , sprinkle with emboss powder and heat set . Allow to cool and then cut out close to edge of stamped pattern . You could omit the emboss /heat step if you want but I like the raised image and the little bit of sparkle that the emboss powder gives it.
Next cup the flower in the palm of your hand and using something round { I used my Basic Grey rub on tool }rub in the center of the flower to create a cupped shape.
Now using your skewer/paint brush handle or similiar round stick , gently roll back the individual flower peatals.
Next I punched a small circle in a corresponding paper pattern with a regular office hole punch and glued this in the center of the flower down in the cup portion. I then applied a thin bead of stickles around the edge of this small center circle . Set aside to dry . Use a pop dot to attach to your project so that it lifts to accomodate the petal curls ...and that's it . You could, of course , also decorate the flower center with just stickles or a gem of your choice. Thanks so much for popping by!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Fortunate Mistake

Hi everyone! Have you ever noticed that sometimes a "mistake" turns out to be the best thing that ever happened? Ok ...it's not like I won the lottery or anything because of a mistake but I did end up with some pretty good looking flowers! I was playing with some distress mists when I was trying to decide what colour to mist my flowers for this LO. I was spraying on a discarded piece of cardstock and I had first tried a blue mist which I discarded as too dark. I then decided to spritz my flowers with a vintage photo/bronze Perfect pearls mix { I'm cheap and mix my own colours!] ...but I wasn't very careful and the wet edge of my vintage photo flower touched against the still wet puddle of sapphire chip mist.At first I was dismayed but then I really liked the effect as the blue spread across the vintage photo ...so ended up doing all the tips of my flowers like it...a FORTUNATE mistake! These pics were taken last week when Rob and I went for a romantic night for our 20 th Anniversary.We had rented a suite at the beautiful Candlelite Bay Inn in nearby York Hrb. After a fantastic supper we decided to go for a stroll on the beach. As we sat on a couple of large rocks admiring the view of the ocean I happened to glance down and saw this grey rock with the shape of a heart in quartz running through it ! I couldn't believe it ...definitely a sign to us ...a sign of love ! I thought it was a pretty wonderful omen to find on a romantic stroll on your twentieth anniversary ...don't you? Everything except for the blue flowers , the blue string pearls and the TH inks are from SCRATHAT's July kit www.scrapthat.ca . Thanks for popping by!
PS. The rock now resides in my garden!