Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter everyone!

Just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone and to share my "untraditional" Easter Lo. I know as an adult I should shudder at the thought of all the sugar in a pack of Peeps...but I'm 8 yrs old anytime I eat these. Scott shares a love of Peeps with me too... as matter of fact, I bought about six different packs of Peeps at different times to specifically take photos and do this LO and everytime I'd go to do it, Scott had already eaten them! I gotta get a better hiding place! Lots of cutting and inking on this Lo. I really liked the base paper of this Lo and didn't want to cover all the pretty pattern when I added my second layer of edged paper. Using my exacto knife I fussy cut along the pattern edge on both corners so I could slip the edged paper underneath...inking the cut edge helped it to jump out a bit more. The shaped edge was cut by hand after tracing another shaped patterned piece onto this Basic Grey pp...inking and my fake stitching{love Sharpie markers!} helped to define its shape. Two little things I'd like to share about this Lo are the little hand made chick down in the corner and the Peeps title. The chickie was sketched by me and handcut out of yellow cardstock. I then applied a thin layer of glue and some Stampin' Up glitter. A liitle brown gem for an eyeball finished him quite nicely.
The Peep title was made using a technique that I've employeed fairly often when I want something to look like a "brand" name. I simply copied a piece of the Peep box , blowing it up by 200% and printed in B/ sense wasting colored ink. Using graph paper, I traced the flipped over copy onto the back of black cardstock and then cut out with my exacto knife and viola! The corners looked a little bare{ I don't understand how people who use negative space so beautifully can practice such restaint!} so I cut a few black branches using Storybook cartridge from Cricut.The papers used in this Lo are all from the new "Origins" line by Basic Grey. Thanks for popping by ! Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Easter!


  1. This beautiful Michelle what a great LO love all the details you did of layering and that Peep is perfect . Happy Easter

  2. I love this lo Michelle!!! love the Easter colors!! lovely photo!!
    I am not sure if I told you that I have something for you in my blog , just in case I tell you now!!
    Happy Easter!!

  3. This is So beautiful!! And Who dosent love Peeps??? I'm craving some right now! lol!

    Happy Easter!!!!

  4. Love it! My DH had to run to the drug store this afternoon and I asked him to get me some peeps. He came back empty handed. When i asked him where they were, he said, ohh! I forgot!
    How do you forget the peeps?? :)
    Happy Easter!