Sunday, July 8, 2012

Catching Up on some Sketchy Challenges

Oh lordy...where does time go? I really try hard to keep on top of my sketchy challenges, but June seemed to have zipped right past me! When I saw July's Sketchy challenge posted over at CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER I was shocked! Whatta ya mean JULY???? I hadn't even got around to June's yet! Needless to say , I quickly got my butt in gear and managed to crank out both June's AND July's over the weekend. Phew!

 It's taken a little bit of getting used to, but I'm finding lots of positives with the new Sketchy gallery at CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER . You must create an account now to be able to post to it {  as opposed to having to email your entry to the magazine and wait for them to post it }. But that's better for two reasons: 1} Your post is immediately available for everyone to see and 2} you post your Lo to individual galleries it was simple for a slow poke like me to go back to June's gallery and add my LO! So here's what June's Sketchy Challenge looks like :

Another great sketch by Jill Sarginson! And here's my take on it....

Did you notice the "little" fella who was hitchhiking a ride on my son's shirt? Ewwwww... ah, the price we have to pay to have wonderful smelling, sun dried clothing. I think it's worth it . I was really excited to use my new eksuccess "Spider-in-web" punch...and for something that wasn't Halloween related!

July's sketchy challenge was also a great one!

and here's my take on it:

I followed it pretty closely as you can see...just added the banner under the photo for a little journaling spot. I did exchange the sewing on the sketch with some model paste and a stencil from The Crafter's Workshop. I do like the texture it added! I must confess to being a tad behind my son recently turned seventeen and I'm only now getting around to doing his sixteenth Birthday! GULP....I'd better get crackin!

 Well , I must take off and go watch my daughter singing at this summer's version of " A Fine Tyme", a production of Nfld music and prose  presented by Stage West Theatre company . Please click on their link to see all the great shows they are offering here in Corner Brook this summer. You won't be disappointed! Thanks for dropping by...go check out the sketchy Challenge at CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER and you might get published in an upcoming magazine!

Ooooo... I also want to say a Great BIG THANK YOU to my dear hubby who built me a beautiful table this week for the "ugly corner" of my otherwise pretty scrap room. I also painted the wall robin's egg blue to warm up the space. What do you think ?  Here's hubby hard at work....

and here he is relaxing at the computer once everything was put back into place. Nice job eh?

Till next time..toodles!


  1. Two fantastic sketchy layouts, Michelle! That is one BIG spider...eek. But very cool idea for a layout and that title is the best! Don't feel badly about being behind in birthday layouts. I have a whole pile from past years of my kids lol! Love the colours and that hanging layered pennant under the title is wonderful! I have scrap room ENVY. wow. I hope to work in that room with you some day :)

  2. Two awesome LO's Michelle great idea to use the spider punch for a summer LO . Hope you've having a wonderful summer I'm so behind in my scrapping and cardmaking my blog is so neglected here lately .