Sunday, December 2, 2012

CS Nov Sketchy Challenge

I know ...I know's DECEMBER!{gasp} and Dec 's Sketchy Challenge is on line over at Canadian Scrapbooker but I'm a little behind so I thought I'd share November's Sketchy Challenge today ..and hopefully get to play with Dec's challenge tonight.

Sue Sykes designed a 2 page sketch for Nov 's Sketchy challenge!

I actually did not one but TWO versions of this sketch this month! I have really gotten away from doing double pages in the last few years so this was a nice break. I also really enjoy doing Kelly Klapstein's  Double the Fun challenge at Canadian Scrapbooker . Another chance to get published ladies. So go check out both!

My first Lo with Sue's Nov sketch is a hockey LO. I've had these sweet street hockey pics of Scott and Rob in my "To do " box forever and just never seemed to get around to it. Sue's sketch suited them perfectly. I was more true to the sketch in this LO ...right down to the hexagons.

                                                                                                                  BETWEEN THE POSTS

oooo... I find it sooooo hard not to add flowers ...girl LOs are so much easier! I have tried ordering the cool Chicken wire stencil from Crafter's Workshop several times now from my wholesaler and can never manage to strike when it's in stock  :( . However.... I DO have a chicken wire chippie piece from DUSTY ATTIC so I used that as my stencil, thus saving my precious chippie piece for another day. Necessity is the mother of invention after all.

My second Lo using Sue's sketch is a fall Lo using all BO BUNNY 's adorable Apple Cider line. This LO features one of the many funny little adventures that KELLY and I had when she visited me in Nfld back in September. We had gone for a walk around the gorgeous Margaret Bowater Park here in the middle of Corner Brook. As we were nearing the end of our walk we noticed this crab apple tree that was laden with fruit. Kelly was bound and determined to get some of those apples { me , being considerably short than Kelly, opted to stand back and let her do all the hard work! }. As tall as she is , Kelly really had to stretch to get some apples. Such hard work...and all for not, because in the end the apples were pretty darn sour and we only had a bite well, it made for fun photos!

                                                                                                                       AN APPLE A DAY...

 So there you go...two completely different looking Los all inspired by the same sketch. I know some people are very reluctant to use sketches as they think it stifles them but you know, there are NO  layout police. You can pretty much take what you want from a sketch.A great creativity booster when your mojo is lacking!

Hmmmm...seems like I recall a couple of compromising photos of Kelly with a cod fish, some Nfld Screech and an ugly stick...perhaps I should dig them out to embarrass...err scrap.. of her! Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are all getting caught up in the Christmas spirit...and staying on Santa's nice list! Toodles!


  1. Michelle not sure how I missed these 2 LO's --they are both lovely . So nice that your friend Kelly came to visit and fall in Western NL is breath taking .

  2. What great 2-pagers!! Love the chicken wire and humor!! Happy New Year! ~ Blessings, Tracey