Monday, November 16, 2009

Olympic Relay LO

See!!! told ya I'd get a LO finished by last night! Chelsea was really surprised when she got home from Port aux Basque at 11:30 pm!!! anywhooo...worked all day ...too tired to write anymore so just gonna post the pic...g'nite!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Olympic torch relay

Woo Hoo! Olympic torch passed thru here today...what a unique experience! Awesome to see such a big display of Canadian pride! Chelsea's choir .The Chorale, was the choir picked to sing at the ceremonies today and they are following the torch all the way to Port aux Basque...gonna be a late night for them!I'm just attaching a couple of pics from this afternoon...will have a LO done about it by midnight I figure haha....I'm not kidding , I have one started already!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where did October go????

Holy smokes! I can't believe its November already!I'm not a very consistent blogger now am I? Oct was VERY busy and chaotic for me. Trip to St.John, NB for national dialysis convention, work, trying to get some renos done around here ...not to mention getting ready for Halloween! I got a reputation to uphold! My kids said kids at school were asking why I never had my Haunted house done up yet? I seem to have done WAY TOO MUCH scrap shopping lately. Bought tonnes at MIchael's in NB [ what's a girl to do...don't have access to a Michael's here!] plus ordered a crapload of stuff from , not to mention shopping at my LSS. I did manage to get a few Lo's done tho.... I really like this one I did yesterday. I'm very attached to "old stuff" and I'm very covetous of my christening dress...I don't mind lending it out but it always comes back to me! I wasn't really sure what I wanted from this LO, and wasn't sure how to start so I basically picked a bunch of pink, white and black stuff and played till I was happy with it. I really love those cute little Jenni Bowlin bingo cards and altho it wasn't planned, I seemed to have ended up using alot of Heidi Swapp on this LO. Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!