Monday, January 14, 2013

Screechin' Kelly In/Jan Sketchy Challenge

Happy {belated} New Year to all my scrappy friends! I can not believe that January is almost at the half way mark {Happy Birthday to my dear dad on the 15th! }. Seems like forever since I had time to scrap,but I guess December is always busy, busy for most of us .
So to get my creative mojo flowing again, I headed over to CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER  to check out their  January Sketchy challenge! And I wasn't disappointed! Check out this cool sketch by Sue Sykes
 This sketch was just perfect for a series of photos I've been wanting to scrap of me performing a "Screech In" of my dear friend Kelly Klapstein when she visited me here in Nfld last September. For those of you who are not familiar with a "Screech in", let me educate you!

The "Screech In" ceremony is a fun little adventure offered to CFAs { Come from Aways} to initiate you and make you an honorary Newfoundlander. It is usually performed in front of witnesses{ the more the merrier...more to be embarrassed in front of}. It involves salt water, some Nfld food, drinking a shot of Nfld Screech {our famous rum!} and most importantly ....kissing the cod! Yup... a real cod fish! Right on the lips! For tee totalers and those under legal age, we will use a shot of Purity syrup in place of the rum.

One part of the ceremony involves being asked if you wish to become an honorary Nflder, to which you must reply ........  "Indeed I do me ole cock, and long may your big jib draw!". This saying is actually a wish for good fortune in the future and means may your sails always catch the wind. Hence the name of my LO!

Kelly was a a real good sport about it! I decided to perform this little screech in at Deidre Edison Clarke's Scrappy retreat in beautiful Springdale where we stayed at the gorgeous RIVERWOOD INN. Such a beautiful peaceful place! Check it out!

So here's my take on Sue's sketch.


 The journaling tag under the main photo reads"Well I certainly couldn't let Kelly leave Nfld without being " Screeched In"! Luckily I had a few screech ins under my belt so I was up to the task! Deidre's scrap weekend in Springdale was the perfect opportunity...and of course it also provided more witnesses! Kelly was a great sport about it. She was baptized with saltwater, ate "wild" baloney and Purity Jam Jams, survived a shot of screech and most importantly, kissed the cod! An honorary Newfoundlander for sure! "

 I should also mention that Kelly wasn't my only victim...ummm, I mean CFA! I also had the pleasure of Screeching in a fellow scrapper Julie F! Julie thought she was safe...oh no my friend! Just because you are married to a Nflder and have lived here for several years , you thought you were safe???? Ummmm....NO!

Julie was a real good sport about it too, and...... she had been let in on the secret of Kelly's screech in before hand and she had the most beautiful gift for Kelly! Julie's hubby makes Nfld Ugly Sticks!!!! and she had him make one specifically for Kelly! Wow , we were soooo impressed. It is the nicest ugly stick I've ever seen. He's quite the craftsman.

  Here's Julie teaching Kelly to play her new Ugly Stick. If you haven't  figured it out yet an Ugly Stick is a handmade musical instrument used here in Nfld! Google it...

This was such a fun weekend! A big thanks to Deidre for allowing me to perform this little ceremony during her scrappy retreat.

 Thanks for popping by today. My New year's resolution is to try and be a little more frequent with my blog postings. Hope you'll continue to visit in 2013. Toodles!