Friday, May 7, 2010

Same product/different looks

Today I thought I'd share with you two recent Los that I've done using the same paper line but they are so different. I don't know about you ,but sometimes I look at products and think" I love it but it doesn't fit 'my style'." Altho I don't really think I have a style per say but I guess I do lean a little toward the vintage, shabby chic style ...I certainlt like to clutter up my pages ! LOL
I had picked up this Imaginesence line at my LSS the other day and thought it was really cute and playful. My first Lo using it was "Nana's Girl". I felt it really suited the playfulness of the pics of Chelsea and my mom fooling around a couple of summers ago in PEI. This Lo took HOURS! so much stitching { but hardly any inking GASP!}. When I was cleaning up my scraptable mess the next day {procrastinator extrodinaire!!!} I got to thinking that I had alot of left over bits and pieces and it seemed a sin to banish it to the scraps container . I wanted to do another Lo...but something waaaaay quicker than the night before. I chose a Becky Fleck Page map design.Follow Becky here . I ended up with this "Family" lo which I feel is very crisp and clean, uses negative space etc. Very uncluttered and so unlike me! {Practically had to sit on my hands to not add more!}But it just goes show how the same product can give diiferent don't always by pass what you think won't "suit your style". I'd like to wish everyone a great big Happy Mother's Day. Hope you have a wonderful day{ with no smoke alarms from the kids making you breakfast in bed :)} . Check Adrienne's blog for a fantastic Mother's day RAK she's giving away! You can find her here

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  1. Love both your pages Michelle . The stitching does add a nice touch to the LO even thought it's so time consuming. Happy Mother's Day